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Rest, Iggy Pop.

22 Aug

Iggy was weary, so very weary.

Drop your dacks for a dollar.

19 Aug

“Over here kid…chin up, a little smile…that’s great”, he leaned over the viewfinder. “This is a cover shot or I’m Abe Lincoln”.

So thrilling, so glamorous and so sophisticated…next stop Hollywood! She smiled and she shivered.


Know when to let go.

16 Aug

“Let GO!” she whispered, even as she gripped harder. The window sill cut into her arms. Heat tore at her back.

YOU let go” Mary’s hands clamped vice-like, “Come with me”.

Her hair started to smoke and her hands began to sweat.

Know what you want.

10 Aug

The drone rose suddenly, gleaming, and stopped as if hitting an invisible wall. Will held his breath and it moved quickly again, sideways toward the boundary line.

He was struck dumb. His heart beat in his chest and pulsed in his ears. His mouth hung open and a noise came from his mouth like a lover’s sigh.

For the first time in his life, Will wanted something he didn’t already have.

Praise your sons.

7 Aug

“Come here” Kwame smiled, “I want to thank you. Without you we might have lost Nana Baa”, and he kissed Addo.

Addo said nothing.

He was fighting the urge to cry, or laugh…he wasn’t sure. He would shame himself either way. It was hard to stand so close to his father and not move away. How long had it been since his father held him, looked at him this way? He was overwhelmed with shyness, filled with confusion.

He’d tried so many times to prove to his father that he was worthy, and now to discover such a simple act proved he was a man!

Addo could smell his Father’s hair pomade, and he was four years old again.



Come up for air.

4 Aug

He liked to pretend he was dead. In the deep end, he’d blow the air out of his lungs and sink slowly to the bottom. His toes would touch first, then his knees, and finally his hands. He never sank any further but remained poised, as if ready to spring.

As if springing into the abyss.

So far nobody had seen him do this,  at least no-one had tried to save him. Perhaps they had seen, but had chosen to look away. He saved himself, pushing upwards to break the surface with a rush of intake, the second, third and fourth breaths bringing him to a state close to happiness. Uplifting, literally.

It was a shame he couldn’t share his trick with the family.

Give them permission to leave.

31 Jul

“How am ever going to get over you?” she sighed, “You’re here again…you’re always here. I’m trying to learn to be alone”.

“I don’t know why I stay” he said, “Maybe you bring me to you”.

“Yes, perhaps I do”.

The future is unwritten.

28 Jul

Oh she was happy, and full of anticipation for her life ahead. The joy welled up in her so suddenly that she could barely breathe. How fortunate I am, she thought.

It was the warm Spring of 1914 and she was fourteen today. The new century was young and Bessie was young, and they were both absolutely perfect. She made a promise to herself to remember forever how she felt today.

Hug a hippy.

8 Jul

You didn’t mind me tagging along, which was good because I wanted to spend every minute with you. You were tiny, and packed with more wicked fun than good sense. It was summer 1969, I was clueless, and everything…the good and the bad, was ahead of me.

Happy birthday Cuz.


Be an optimist.

15 Jun