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Love can hurt.

5 Dec



18 Nov


Come clean.

24 Oct



23 Oct


Come home.

16 Oct

Take your time.

11 Sep

There was always a moment in mid-dive when she hung motionless over the water. She had time to look closely at the slab of blue jelly spread out beneath her, each undulation with its own glassy reflection of the lights above. She had time to check if her feet were together, her hands in place…just so.

When she’d made her checks, she could compose herself and continue the dive. Perfect re-entry, resurface for applause.

Love all creatures, great or small.

31 Aug

Do butterflies have hay fever? Julie wondered.

Enjoy your flight.

24 Aug

Flying felt much like swimming naked. The same cool rush through her bare legs, the same surge upwards with every kick. If she kept kicking, what would she find above her?

Her wings (her wings!) moved effortlessly in rhythm with her breathing. An exhilarating, sweet song swelled in her head, or was it outside?

She made a mental note to ask for Propofol for her next general anaesthetic.


Rest, Iggy Pop.

22 Aug

Iggy was weary, so very weary.

Drop your dacks for a dollar.

19 Aug

“Over here kid…chin up, a little smile…that’s great”, he leaned over the viewfinder. “This is a cover shot or I’m Abe Lincoln”.

So thrilling, so glamorous and so sophisticated…next stop Hollywood! She smiled and she shivered.