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Have faith.

16 Dec

Follow your heart.

14 Dec

It was the finest shower he’d ever had, even the soap smelled better. He sang the same songs to the radio he always sang, but this time the words came to him easily. He sang in tune.

She had looked at him, smiled, and then said ‘Hello’ before looking down at the book she always read on the tram. The warm glow enveloping him had lasted all night and into the morning. Is this what happiness felt like? Was this… love? Nothing else had ever felt like this, so he wasn’t sure.

He took special care with his teeth and hair, and sang on the way to the tram stop.



Have a sing.

10 Dec


Back the right horse.

9 Dec


Go really, really fast.

7 Dec


Keep quiet.

6 Dec


Keep calm and go for the dark meat.

3 Dec


Stay on the front foot.

2 Dec

Play by the rules.

1 Dec

“It’s dry enough”.

“This stuff makes my Volleys red when it’s wet”.

“Can we just play hit-to-hit? No scoring”.

“Okay. I hate keeping track anyway”.

The dregs of the storm thundered faintly into the next suburb. Birds chirped after the shower. A  plane hummed overhead.

“What exams have you got left? I have Biology on Thursday then I’m done”.


Everything was good, nothing was bad. Roll on summer.


Hire help.

30 Nov