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Lighten up.

28 Jul

There” she said, “that looks perfect with your minimal colour palette”. She tilted her head to one side, narrowing her eyes. “Actually…you know I think you could go a shade lighter”.

Emma bent double to reach the Dior sample under the counter. “Try this”, she straightened up, “Scarlet is so on-trend”.

Why didn’t these people wear colour, she wondered. There’s so much black here you’d swear someone had died.

Write it down now.

27 Jul

As he slid into sleep he was visited by fantastic notions and breathtaking tales. They pricked, beat and pinched him to take notice, while he was slipping away.

PAY ATTENTION” they shouted in his ear, “Don’t sleep now, we have so much to tell you”.

But he chose to sleep. “Leave me in peace. We will share dreams in the morning”, he muttered.

His notepad lay empty beside him now…and he was far away.

Fall mad in love.

26 Jul

“There’s somethin’ crazy about you”, said Thomas.

“Boo!…BOO BOOO!!!” the hair whipped her face pink, “I’m a wee GHOSTIE is why”.

“Will ye stand still for a minute and let me get an eyeful o’ ye?”, he cried but no…

she was off and leaping like a madwoman.


Trust yourself.

24 Jul

The blood-red Suit of Certainty was everything she’d hoped for. It hugged her tightly, was impervious to all weather and was visible from 500 metres. She took longer strides when she was wearing it, and she could hold her chin up to meet anyone’s gaze.


People and dogs heard her coming and stared as she strode past. Screeetch-it…screeech-it…screeetch-it…said the red vinyl to the timid and the unsure.

Eat the green jelly.

23 Jul

The stain on his tongue was a dead giveaway but he didn’t care. Green jelly crystals, straight out of the packet and as dry as a nun’s nasty. He couldn’t get enough of them.

They glowed fluorescent and irresistible. Raspberry, lemon, and orange were no good…just sorry stand-ins. Pretenders to perfection.

Every night in the pantry, he fed his dark side.

Be thankful.

22 Jul

“It’s making me crazy”,  said Marta. “I’m cooking dinner…he’s smiling at me, I’m in the laundry…he’s smiling, I’m feeding the baby…smiling again”.

“Maybe he’s happy”.

“What’s he got to be happy about? Nobody smiles like that unless they’re getting something”.

Take a step back.

20 Jul

Damn…he’d done it again.

He tried giving the problem his whole attention, going over it again and again until he was dizzy. His situation was getting worse, if anything. He felt immobilised, frozen.

Where did he go wrong? How did he get here? If he could go back and start again…what would he do differently?

One at a time.

19 Jul

She liked to catch leaves before they could reach the ground, and make a wish on each one. When the wind blew stronger from the South, there were more falling leaves than she could save.

She cried, “I wish they would fall more gently and give me a chance to rescue them all!”.

The wind died down, and she was able to reach each leaf until the the branches were bare.


Try Tinder.

18 Jul

“Stillness, please“, said the Master, and tapped his palette.

“Forgive me”.

“You are Eve of all Eves, Virgin of all Virgins. Show me a pure countenance” he said, “and pray do not look so wanton”.

How could she sit quietly? She was tormented. What would he feel when he saw her? Would he love her…and yearn for her hand? It would be a long year but she would be patient.

Keep trying.

17 Jul

Getting rear lift was no trouble at all, but front and rear at the same time was hard. She knew she had all night, but the moon was high and she still wasn’t off the ground. Sometimes she thought she was juuuuuust about there….but no, she was on the grass again.

So far, she was a Faerie Failure.