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Get a breast exam.

1 Dec


Hang on.

28 Nov


Get your own trapeze.

26 Nov


Outlive and outlast.

15 Nov

Run a test first.

10 Nov

This can’t be happening. It was supposed to make his hair grow thicker…more ‘luxuriant’. For Christ’s sake even his eyebrows had shot through.

Being a thinning ginger was bad enough but this, this topped it.

He’d have to make new plans for his evening. Ring the girlfriend first to suss out whether she could deal with a surprise.

Tell her the surprise.

Deal with the fallout, literally.




2 Nov


Phone a friend.

27 Oct

Eat lunch.

12 Sep

How would he tell the head of orchestra? Leaving the school tuba on the tram was pretty easy really, as easy as leaving his laptop.

Yesterday he’d left late, he was hungry and just wanted to get home to eat. He didn’t even notice the tuba was gone until this morning before school. Probably not a good idea to mention his blazer was gone too. It may still turn up and there was no point in stressing mum.

Hold them close.

29 Aug

At low tide they sat in the warm shallow pools, Jeanie between her mother’s knees…the plastic bucket between her knees. Filling, emptying, filling, emptying. No sound except the seagulls swarming the fishing boats offshore.

It was late summer, they had the beach to themselves now. Jeanie smelled her mother’s tan lotion, and felt her warm strong legs. The best part was her mother’s humming…Jeanie could not only hear the hum, but feel the hum from her back to her tummy.


Keep your mouth shut.

8 Aug

The women shrieking at his double entendres agreed Bobby was quite a dish. His show in the cabaret grew more crowded as  word on board spread. With a flicker of a smile, a knowing nod or a tilted brow, he had them all eating out of his hand.

I would say he had the crowd wrapped around his finger, but that position was held by the one and only Betty Bump.