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Listen to music.

14 Mar


Wear a uniform.

23 Feb

Let it out.

26 Jan

She would remember this day forever. After years of keeping it closed, she opened her mouth and let out her heart.

She was afraid it would never return, but it did, and brought others with it.

Put on your seatbelt.

16 Jan

There they were, easy to miss… but she knew what she was looking for.

This was the third case of childhood wing-buds she’d seen this month. Tiny as your thumb, tucked up near the scapula like a couple of robin’s eggs. Should she tell Doctor? He hadn’t made any note of them, and had already moved to another patient on his rounds.

The little girl was alert and thriving. The hospital and the world outside had no idea what was coming. It would be up to Joanne to watch, and wait to see how things developed. It made her nervous and excited at the same time.

Praise the Lord and Hallelujah!



Get a breast exam.

1 Dec


Hang on.

28 Nov


Get your own trapeze.

26 Nov


Outlive and outlast.

15 Nov

Run a test first.

10 Nov

This can’t be happening. It was supposed to make his hair grow thicker…more ‘luxuriant’. For Christ’s sake even his eyebrows had shot through.

Being a thinning ginger was bad enough but this, this topped it.

He’d have to make new plans for his evening. Ring the girlfriend first to suss out whether she could deal with a surprise.

Tell her the surprise.

Deal with the fallout, literally.




2 Nov