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Eat lunch.

12 Sep

How would he tell the head of orchestra? Leaving the school tuba on the tram was pretty easy really, as easy as leaving his laptop.

Yesterday he’d left late, he was hungry and just wanted to get home to eat. He didn’t even notice the tuba was gone until this morning before school. Probably not a good idea to mention his blazer was gone too. It may still turn up and there was no point in stressing mum.

Hold them close.

29 Aug

At low tide they sat in the warm shallow pools, Jeanie between her mother’s knees…the plastic bucket between her knees. Filling, emptying, filling, emptying. No sound except the seagulls swarming the fishing boats offshore.

It was late summer, they had the beach to themselves now. Jeanie smelled her mother’s tan lotion, and felt her warm strong legs. The best part was her mother’s humming…Jeanie could not only hear the hum, but feel the hum from her back to her tummy.


Keep your mouth shut.

8 Aug

The women shrieking at his double entendres agreed Bobby was quite a dish. His show in the cabaret grew more crowded as  word on board spread. With a flicker of a smile, a knowing nod or a tilted brow, he had them all eating out of his hand.

I would say he had the crowd wrapped around his finger, but that position was held by the one and only Betty Bump.


Kill only what you eat.

2 Aug

It was a huge day for everyone. Being the youngest, she had to crawl under scrub to pull out a couple of the dead birds. The the red clay dust clogged her nose and coloured her skin.

The river bed was dry, but Wallace said he could smell the rains coming. They’d have to shift camp to higher ground before dark. This news was received stoically by the men, but not by Violet.

“I badly need a wash and a stiff gin before dinner” she said, “I’m drawing flies”.

Go to the park.

25 Jul

The kids had no clue she still smoked. She took her last puff waiting for them to turn the corner from the bus, and had time to hide the evidence before they walked in. She’d chuck the butt in the bushes and suck a Tic Tac while she made afternoon tea.

“We had the Health Bus today”, said Callun.

“The preppies have got baby chicks in their room” remarked Ava, “They’re all colours”.

“That’s nice. Why don’t you and your brother take this and go down to the 7 eleven. We’ve run out of cordial”.

She watched them till they were out of sight, and then lit up a smoke. She loved her day alone at home.


Take inventory.

21 Jul

Losing somebody is hard, but you eventually get over it, she told her friends.

“Wait long enough and you’ll forget where you left them” she’d say, “years pass, then you run into them in the place you least expected”.

After she lost Vernon she made a habit of paying more attention. She hadn’t lost anyone since, but Vern remained lost and that irritated her. She hated surprises.

One at a time.

19 Jul

She liked to catch leaves before they could reach the ground, and make a wish on each one. When the wind blew stronger from the South, there were more falling leaves than she could save.

She cried, “I wish they would fall more gently and give me a chance to rescue them all!”.

The wind died down, and she was able to reach each leaf until the the branches were bare.


Wear earplugs.

13 Jul

Some time between midnight and dawn, a thousand cicadas settled on her bed. The din was sharp-edged, unharmonious. By mid-morning it had taken on a form…a shape you could almost see. She tried talking to it.

“What are you?”, she asked, “Can we please talk about this?”.


She began to dance.

Stop taking so many selfies.

5 Jul

AAAaaaaaarrrrgghhhhhhhhhHHHHH!!!! It screamed back at him.

The truth of what he saw overwhelmed him, horrified him. He had become the worst kind of parody, a true grotesque. He dropped his phone and pushed his fists into his eyes. “No, no…NO!”, he wept, “Please, no”.

Beware the undertoad.

3 Jul

She kicked, and kicked harder. She wasn’t sure…but she could feel something move beneath her. Swimming in fresh water was hard.  She wished she was at the beach instead of swimming alone at the pond, wearing her mother’s old two-piece. The water was cold and so, so dark.