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Know what you want.

10 Aug

The drone rose suddenly, gleaming, and stopped as if hitting an invisible wall. Will held his breath and it moved quickly again, sideways toward the boundary line.

He was struck dumb. His heart beat in his chest and pulsed in his ears. His mouth hung open and a noise came from his mouth like a lover’s sigh.

For the first time in his life, Will wanted something he didn’t already have.

Empty your hard drive.

8 Aug

What was it…no, that wasn’t it. Damn. That Chopin piece she learned by heart when she was seven? It must be the wine. Shit.

“Just relax and it will come. It’s called muscle memory”. He sat down beside her, pushing her along.

“You expect me to remember what I did fifty years ago when I don’t even know where I parked my car?”

“Go on. Hum the tune and let your hands follow.” Then all at once she was playing, and she closed her eyes but didn’t stop.

Get a baby monitor.

1 Aug

It was her worst nightmare. The initial mind-numbing sight of Bertie’s empty cot, followed by the horror of seeing of him near the ceiling.

Flapping her hands, hopping up and down making anxious sounds, Fleur remained firmly earth-bound while Bertie bobbed in the cornices.

“Gwaap” said Bertie smiling down, “Poot?”

A string of drool fell from his lower lip to her straining hands. It was cool by the time it touched her fingers.

Dreams fade.

30 Jul

He slept well but woke with a nagging thought. What was it he should remember?…then he knew.

The dream was still there, but what was the dream? Why could he not see it?

NO, come back!” He gripped it, squeezing for any last drop. He saw it fade before his eyes until it sagged limp in his hands. It was too late.

The future is unwritten.

28 Jul

Oh she was happy, and full of anticipation for her life ahead. The joy welled up in her so suddenly that she could barely breathe. How fortunate I am, she thought.

It was the warm Spring of 1914 and she was fourteen today. The new century was young and Bessie was young, and they were both absolutely perfect. She made a promise to herself to remember forever how she felt today.

Lighten up.

27 Jul

There” she said, “that looks perfect with your minimal colour palette”. She tilted her head to one side, narrowing her eyes. “Actually…you know I think you could go a shade lighter”.

Emma bent double to reach the Dior sample under the counter. “Try this”, she straightened up, “Scarlet is so on-trend”.

Why didn’t these people wear colour, she wondered. There’s so much black here you’d swear someone had died.

Trust yourself.

24 Jul

The blood-red Suit of Certainty was everything she’d hoped for. It hugged her tightly, was impervious to all weather and was visible from 500 metres. She took longer strides when she was wearing it, and she could hold her chin up to meet anyone’s gaze.


People and dogs heard her coming and stared as she strode past. Screeetch-it…screeech-it…screeetch-it…said the red vinyl to the timid and the unsure.

Praise the saints among us.

15 Jul

Sometimes at night, between three and four she called out. The city was dark and mostly silent…empty. “OY!” she’d yell, “GOTHAM CITY”, and “I KNOW WHERE THE ANGELS ARE”.

There were halos around the lights, and someone sang a song for her nearby. God bless, God bless us all.


Go to the city once in a while.

18 Jun


Never trust a pixie.

12 Jun