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Hang with your peeps.

22 Nov

Call your mum at Christmas.

21 Nov

Will you remember me? I will stop and wait for you to pass. Perhaps you’ll take pity on me, as a fine man would pity any beggar.

And here you come, so near.

“Spare a coin for an old woman?” (Is my voice not familiar, are my eyes not like yours?)…but I am brushed aside like street filth. Smut underfoot.

“MOVE ASIDE, Old Mother Time” – a guardsman laughs, “Pray allow the King to continue his progress”.

And so passes my son.





Drink responsibly.

20 Nov


Stand your ground.

19 Nov



18 Nov


17 Nov

She’d never forget this movie. It was the first time Cathy had held hands for more than three seconds.


Outlive and outlast.

15 Nov


Eat fruit.

14 Nov

Get busy.

12 Nov

“We are like sisters here. We care for our own”, and she looked at her for a long while. Well, this sister never blinks, Pearl thought.

So many sisters and no brothers.

From what she could, see none of the girls in the house did much. Such a big, fine house too. There were others to do for them. Folks to clean, folks to launder, folks doing the cooking, even some folks for the mending.

What was a soul expected to do with herself all day…play rummy?