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22 Oct


Come back soon.

17 Oct


Come home.

16 Oct


Clear your mind.

15 Oct


Go organic.

14 Oct


Get tech support.

6 Oct

Don’t close that door.

28 Sep

That was what it took to break her heart. That one little boy, after all these years.

Why him? Was it his his small, sweaty hand with its tight grip? His unwavering stare? The way he sought her during recess, sitting under the peppercorn trees. He would climb onto her without thought, and rest his head against her shoulder.

She’d never felt a moment’s regret in those many years, but now when she smelled the warm life in his hair, she wept.

Keep the faith.

24 Sep

“Settle…the final isn’t until next week” she said, “You’re getting carried away with yourself”. She’d packed the esky and was standing at the steps.

“YELLOW AND BLACK!”…his throat hurt. “Bartlett’s a MACHINE, we could win this!”.

And there was always next year, and the next. He had a good feeling about the Tiges. Bring on the golden era for Richmond.

Take a deep breath.

22 Sep

He’s not worth it. Looking westward from the bluff, the thought hit her with such force she came to a complete standstill. Marius needed no excuse to put his head down.

Where did this sudden clarity come from? Where was it last week when she covered for him at work?…or last month when she lied to her parents about being too busy for Easter? She breathed a long sweet breath in, and then let it go. He left her with that breath, and it was as if he’d never been there.


Stay home.

14 Sep

The hotel was lovely, but there was still something about the ceiling height that made her uneasy. Even in the luxury suite she felt the lowness of them. The ever-so-slight money saving, space cramping meanness of them.

If she sat very still, and focused very hard she could see her house. Her home with its comfortable sofas, windows that opened to the jasmine outside, and generous, lofty ceilings.