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Have faith.

13 Dec

Call your mum at Christmas.

21 Nov

Will you remember me? I will stop and wait for you to pass. Perhaps you’ll take pity on me, as a fine man would pity any beggar.

And here you come, so near.

“Spare a coin for an old woman?” (Is my voice not familiar, are my eyes not like yours?)…but I am brushed aside like street filth. Smut underfoot.

“MOVE ASIDE, Old Mother Time” – a guardsman laughs, “Pray allow the King to continue his progress”.

And so passes my son.





Avoid lava.

25 Oct

Pick a a team leader.

26 Sep


The Great Kevin, Emperor of of Everything and Wizard of Spells, drew himself to his considerable height. His voice was quite loud, if a little high-pitched.

The hall was silent…then someone coughed. “Your Importance, I beg your attention. We must all move. Without movement there is no change, and without change there is no progress.”


Do an honest day’s work.

10 Sep

This was it, the bare-knuckle fight of the century. After it was done, he would go home and take a bath while his mum cooked him a hot tea. Fight the good fight, Gypsy Joe.


Meet your neighbours.

5 Sep

New people were moving into apartment 27. He’d seen it all before…the truck, the boxes, pet carriers, indoor plants. Ahh, good, there were kids. Two of them. A boy (thank God) and a girl who could be useful.

The Great Vincenti, renowned in magic circles across the globe, may have found a new student.  A Sorcerer’s Apprentice to his dark arts.

The girl would no doubt prefer the spangles and shallow allure of the Assistant role.

Grab the brass ring.

2 Sep

He placed the heavy crown upon his wither’d head. A faint, shrill cry burst from his own throat like a newborn child.

Could there be a greater pleasure? No better day has passed on God’s Earth than this one. This day would end, but yet another one just like it would dawn, and another dawn again.

Ahhh, Blessed Royal! A Kingdom he once craved and a Kingdom he now holds.

Enjoy your flight.

24 Aug

Flying felt much like swimming naked. The same cool rush through her bare legs, the same surge upwards with every kick. If she kept kicking, what would she find above her?

Her wings (her wings!) moved effortlessly in rhythm with her breathing. An exhilarating, sweet song swelled in her head, or was it outside?

She made a mental note to ask for Propofol for her next general anaesthetic.


Take a vacation.

20 Aug

Man it was good.

He hadn’t read his messages for days.  He had a routine…a run on the beach every morning, pilates on the beach in the afternoon. He was reading fiction again, sleeping… hell sometimes he did nothing at all.

“You look wonderful”,  his wife remarked over breakfast. “We should stay here a little longer.”

Yeah… we should, he thought, but he’d still like to find out what was going on in the world.



18 Aug

He looked at her as she had longed to be looked upon.

Take me” her heart sang, “drink me in deep draughts.

No breath, no movement between them, other than a shift somewhere inside her.

“Always.” His ancient fragrance whispered of cloves and dust.

Now tilting his head ever so slightly… first to one side then the other. Warmth suffused her and she closed her eyes.