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Fall mad in love.

26 Jul

“There’s somethin’ crazy about you”, said Thomas.

“Boo!…BOO BOOO!!!” the hair whipped her face pink, “I’m a wee GHOSTIE is why”.

“Will ye stand still for a minute and let me get an eyeful o’ ye?”, he cried but no…

she was off and leaping like a madwoman.


Take inventory.

21 Jul

Losing somebody is hard, but you eventually get over it, she told her friends.

“Wait long enough and you’ll forget where you left them” she’d say, “years pass, then you run into them in the place you least expected”.

After she lost Vernon she made a habit of paying more attention. She hadn’t lost anyone since, but Vern remained lost and that irritated her. She hated surprises.

One at a time.

19 Jul

She liked to catch leaves before they could reach the ground, and make a wish on each one. When the wind blew stronger from the South, there were more falling leaves than she could save.

She cried, “I wish they would fall more gently and give me a chance to rescue them all!”.

The wind died down, and she was able to reach each leaf until the the branches were bare.


Keep trying.

17 Jul

Getting rear lift was no trouble at all, but front and rear at the same time was hard. She knew she had all night, but the moon was high and she still wasn’t off the ground. Sometimes she thought she was juuuuuust about there….but no, she was on the grass again.

So far, she was a Faerie Failure.

Keep an eye on them.

7 Jul

It was tough turning the snags and keeping an eye out for Sandra. He wasn’t sure what she’d gotten up to but it couldn’t be good. Sandra was always a moll when friends were over…dressed like a moll, acted like a moll, pissed as a moll, the whole bloody caper. In a minute he’d go looking for her. Ethan walked up.

“You need a hand with with those? Sandy’s in the pool starkers”. “Nah” he said, “She’ll keep”.

Now, at least he knew where she was.

Look the other way.

6 Jul

The party was loud. He poured himself a beer and walked outside. The voice came from somewhere right behind him, and he paused with his glass at his lips.

“Go ahead, look at me” she whispered, “I won’t bite”.

He could smell her fragrance….green and faintly grassy. The leaves rustled as she moved closer. Quicker than he could turn, a tongue ran up his neck and flicked lightly along his ear.




1 Jul


Sit and watch.

27 Jun


Be unique.

20 Jun


The glass is half full.

16 Jun