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Ride the tides.

16 Nov

Esther swam on nights when the moon was full. She bathed in its glow and waited for it to speak.

“No matter how often we meet, you remain a mystery” she cried. “Please explain your power over me”. The moon smiled but remained silent.

Sometimes during the day she felt it’s pull….at other times none at all.

Then she understood.


Outlive and outlast.

15 Nov


Eat fruit.

14 Nov

Go to the Melbourne Cup.

1 Nov

It’s the most romantic place on earth.

Don’t stay near the airport.

31 Oct

She felt it first when the water quivered around her bare skin.

She heard its roar next, even though her ears were full of water.

She saw it finally when the silhouette loomed, casting a shadow over the pool. It was so close, so terrifyingly low and lumbering she could only float and watch.


Don’t hide.

29 Oct


Surprise your guests.

28 Oct


Phone a friend.

27 Oct


Drink champagne.

21 Oct


Think romantic thoughts.

20 Oct