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Pick a name.

22 Feb


Lean in.

19 Feb


Enjoy life.

13 Feb

Be patient.

27 Jan

The canary would not sing. For a week she watched it, gave it water, fed it and sang to it. Nothing.

Fred thought she should to put the cage out on the porch. “That bird needs to hear other birds”, he said. “It probably doesn’t even know it’s a canary”.

On the eighth day the canary made a noise. I sounded a bit like air escaping from an inner tube, but it made her happy. Fred was at work when it happened.

“My canary can sing”, she said when Fred arrived home.

“Well glory be” he smiled, “only for you”.


Give a kid a job.

22 Jan

“Kate, you may put the oranges in the bucket”. Grama left for the kitchen.

“But I want to climb the LADDER”.

It was hot, and she was tired. Soon Grama would come back with cool drinks and warm sugar cookies to eat in the shade. The orange tree had a special perfume in this California heat, which mingled with the smell of the pine trees nearby. Grampa stood on the flat roof above with his legs set wide, wearing a large straw hat. His unlit pipe stayed between his teeth. He whistled occasionally, without dislodging the pipe.


Put on your seatbelt.

16 Jan

There they were, easy to miss… but she knew what she was looking for.

This was the third case of childhood wing-buds she’d seen this month. Tiny as your thumb, tucked up near the scapula like a couple of robin’s eggs. Should she tell Doctor? He hadn’t made any note of them, and had already moved to another patient on his rounds.

The little girl was alert and thriving. The hospital and the world outside had no idea what was coming. It would be up to Joanne to watch, and wait to see how things developed. It made her nervous and excited at the same time.

Praise the Lord and Hallelujah!


Lower the bar.

6 Jan

“I‘m getting cigarettes”, said Bob.

“Can you see if they have those cute little diet mints? Oh and a drink, and”… Jean frowned,”….a travel pack of  kleenex”

But Bob had left and was already in the store, hunched over the drinks cooler. He looked up, and raised his thumb to her.

She returned the gesture. It surprised her how happy you could be in an unhappy marriage.


Lie back and enjoy the ride.

30 Dec

Get loose and breezy.

27 Dec

Francis liked to swing from a tree with his trousers off. So far he’d only done it from the plane tree in the garden.

Soon he planned to branch out, as it were, to the park next door. At twilight, or perhaps early in the morning. Maybe he would meet someone like-minded…a friend to hang with?

Anything was possible.


Even your load.

22 Dec