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22 Oct


Check out the exits.

12 Oct

Look after yourself.

2 Oct

“Whadya gonna do?” he shrugged, “Sit at home lonely? Naah”.

Romeo was an optimist. Getting outta da house…goin’ for a workout and a steam bath…maybe even a manicure was his routine. It took a lotta work to look this good.

“Romeo by name and Romeo by nature”, he told he ladies.

Keep dancing.

27 Sep

Was she watching?… yes…now…my moment to shine.

Step ONE. Light, fearless, and without pain.


I did it. She saw me do it.

Trust your gut.

23 Sep

On the flight home there was something bothering him. Something not quite right about the whole thing…he just couldn’t put his finger on it. Nice wedding, nice girl – fine family….just….Christ what was it?

Unlikely that Bryan would be re-deployed before Christmas, and by then the war would be over.

Dear Lord, keep him Stateside until then.

Take a deep breath.

22 Sep

He’s not worth it. Looking westward from the bluff, the thought hit her with such force she came to a complete standstill. Marius needed no excuse to put his head down.

Where did this sudden clarity come from? Where was it last week when she covered for him at work?…or last month when she lied to her parents about being too busy for Easter? She breathed a long sweet breath in, and then let it go. He left her with that breath, and it was as if he’d never been there.



Try a cocktail.

19 Sep


17 Sep

She liked to dry the dishes twice, once straight out of the dishwater, and again before putting them away. She was polishing really, not just drying them. There was something steady and reassuring about doing it that way.

After breakfast Andy liked to watch her from the table, while he smoked. Sometimes he asked her, “What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, this and that” she would say, without turning. To be truthful she wasn’t thinking about anything at all. Neither this nor that.



16 Sep

He expected he would soon be reunited with Bubbe and Zayde, his sister Hanni, and big Sam and Sara. What a party they’d have…the food..the dancing!”. He would borrow some nice clothes from his cousin, his old ones would be too large for him now.

He was in essence, an optimist. The world was a good place, and the people in it were kind. All would be well..and the family would be safe.

Look up.

7 Sep

Ernie was home on shore-leave before redeployment…it was his idea. “Get up there” he said, “you haven’t lived until you’ve done it.” She had to admit the view was spectacular once she found her balance. A full moon hung in a clear sky and stars glimmered in the distance. Not a breath of wind blew.

Dad’s viewing platform was unfinished. His plan was to bring his telescope up to stargaze on clear nights, and that never happened. Now she was surprised to realise she felt closer to him up here than in the years since he died.

“Hello Dad.”

“Did you say something?” Ernie’s voice floated up from below.

 “IT’S ME, BETTY”, she was sitting now, looking up.

“I know who it is”, his face appeared now over the gutter. “Move over”, he sat down and lit a cigarette.

“Dust off the telescope, big brother.  It’s gonna be you, me, Dad and the universe.”