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17 Sep

She liked to dry the dishes twice, once straight out of the dishwater, and again before putting them away. She was polishing really, not just drying them. There was something steady and reassuring about doing it that way.

After breakfast Andy liked to watch her from the table, while he smoked. Sometimes he asked her, “What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, this and that” she would say, without turning. To be truthful she wasn’t thinking about anything at all. Neither this nor that.


Hold your breath.

15 Sep

She never gave up. When her head slipped below the surface, she reached…and  a strong hand gripped her wrist.

When waiting for salvation, try to remain calm.

Stay home.

14 Sep

The hotel was lovely, but there was still something about the ceiling height that made her uneasy. Even in the luxury suite she felt the lowness of them. The ever-so-slight money saving, space cramping meanness of them.

If she sat very still, and focused very hard she could see her house. Her home with its comfortable sofas, windows that opened to the jasmine outside, and generous, lofty ceilings.


Never look back.

13 Sep

Sea baths. More like shock therapy than a bath…nothing warm or bath-like about it. It did the trick though, in the early morning . The only good thing about it was the double-shot macchiato afterwards in the car. Now that he wasn’t dropping the kids at school he could drive straight to work in peace, no chat. He wondered how they were coping without him.

This living like a batchelor caper sure wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.

Take your time.

11 Sep

There was always a moment in mid-dive when she hung motionless over the water. She had time to look closely at the slab of blue jelly spread out beneath her, each undulation with its own glassy reflection of the lights above. She had time to check if her feet were together, her hands in place…just so.

When she’d made her checks, she could compose herself and continue the dive. Perfect re-entry, resurface for applause.

Do an honest day’s work.

10 Sep

This was it, the bare-knuckle fight of the century. After it was done, he would go home and take a bath while his mum cooked him a hot tea. Fight the good fight, Gypsy Joe.


Meet your neighbours.

5 Sep

New people were moving into apartment 27. He’d seen it all before…the truck, the boxes, pet carriers, indoor plants. Ahh, good, there were kids. Two of them. A boy (thank God) and a girl who could be useful.

The Great Vincenti, renowned in magic circles across the globe, may have found a new student.  A Sorcerer’s Apprentice to his dark arts.

The girl would no doubt prefer the spangles and shallow allure of the Assistant role.

Grab the brass ring.

2 Sep

He placed the heavy crown upon his wither’d head. A faint, shrill cry burst from his own throat like a newborn child.

Could there be a greater pleasure? No better day has passed on God’s Earth than this one. This day would end, but yet another one just like it would dawn, and another dawn again.

Ahhh, Blessed Royal! A Kingdom he once craved and a Kingdom he now holds.

Love all creatures, great or small.

31 Aug

Do butterflies have hay fever? Julie wondered.

Keep your shirt on.

28 Aug

He suspected she’d dropped it in the pool on purpose. She’d done it before.. excessively careless for a woman as brittle and precise as Gretchen. Hang it, if he didn’t find the bloody thing in the next minute he was out.

“Is it awfully cold?” she shifted on her feet, impatient, “I adore those pearl drops. Oh I know I should have my ears pierced but I just hate pain.”

Now he was shivering…surely she could see that? “When you find it I’ll warm you with a hot toddy.”  A hot fucking toddy, he thought, wouldn’t that be grand.

Gretchen’s eyes never left him. She was in her favourite place, playing her favourite game.