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Know when to come in.

23 Sep

Share your popcorn.

22 Sep


Silence.  Philip held his breath and didn’t chew. He liked this moment in horror movies when nothing was happening, but you knew shit was gonna break loose any moment. Not yet. Not…yet…

Popcorn wasn’t for sharing. Hell, if you wanna know the truth movies weren’t for sharing. The more empty the cinema was the better. Girls always made too much noise. Why anyone would want to take a girl to a movie? It was a mystery to him.

WHOOAAAHHHHHHHHHH…..there it was. Stupid victim bleeding everywhere. Serve them right.

Philip chewed hard again. Nothing more happening for at least seven and a half minutes, statistically speaking.


Keep quiet.

21 Sep


Know where North is.

20 Sep

Trust your women friends.

19 Sep

“No,  I don’t believe you. You’re telling me lies.”

“You can trust me! Let’s be honest”… Amaal leaned forward, ” you know it’s true.”

No sound now but the hum of the fan and the faint barking of a dog on the compound. She picked a small cake from the large platter, and held it, poised in one hand like a bird.

“If it is indeed true, what I say, you will have been given two gifts. One, deliverance from a promise of marriage to an unfaithful man. Two, proof that you have a friendship all should envy.”

She broke the cake in two, and offered half.


Drink plenty of fluids.

18 Sep


To Sandie he looks like a fish, his mouth opening and closing. 



She reaches to grab his shirt, but he is already out the door and heading for the corner. Astonishingly, she knows she can fly… yes really fly… and swoops down the steps behind him, landing effortlessly by his side.

“I’ve called a ride. Are you coming with me?” He looks tired and shitty. “Please don’t puke in the Uber”.

But magically and so swiftly that it takes her breath away, Sandie is flying again. This time up and over the heads of the people queueing for taxis, over the bored bouncers and  back into the front door of the club, into its throbbing embrace.



Stay warm.

17 Sep


16 Sep

Betty is a strong swimmer, no argument there, but she has a large chest and isn’t interested in synchronising her makeup.

Marjory hates the way Betty slides into the pool away from the rest of the squad. There’s no ladder near the judges’ stand, and  the pool’s edge makes her one-piece ride up. Dreadful.

Swimming costumes have a skirt for a reason.


Mysteries can be explained.

15 Sep


Don’t say it out loud.

14 Sep