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Find a mentor.

20 Jul

Fear not.

18 Jul

What was that?

A groan, or sigh, and a sort of flutter-rustle against the bathroom door. Adrenalin bolted up his legs and across his chest.


Now a slow, sliding noise along the floor outside. Holy CRAP what was that? He turned off the shower, but now silence…complete.

His jaw was shaking and blood pumped in his ears. The door opened.

“LOOK, I found your old combat pack under the house! It’s bloody HUGE“.


Put on your undies before your shoes.

17 Jul


Get wet.

16 Jul


Think carefully.

15 Jul


Beware of small women.

13 Jul


Wear colour.

11 Jul

Be resolute.

9 Jul


She wasn’t angry precisely, just tired of being nice all day. She would never, EVER get married…ever.

“Can’t you smile a little? For your big brother?”


“But the photographer wants a family picture. All of us.”

I’m never getting married, she said in her head. They can all go jump.


Get some help.

8 Jul

There’s life after chemo.

7 Jul

He ate it all. He ate until he could eat no more, then chewed and let it fall from his mouth.

He scrabbled and tore at it with clawed fingers. He destroyed what was left with all his strength…leaving nothing behind.

What is this? By what miracle can this be? A lonely seed of hope sprouting into full-blown joy. Pleasure, humour, enthusiasm expanding outwards and upwards.