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Eat the green jelly.

23 Jul

The stain on his tongue was a dead giveaway but he didn’t care. Green jelly crystals, straight out of the packet and as dry as a nun’s nasty. He couldn’t get enough of them.

They glowed fluorescent and irresistible. Raspberry, lemon, and orange were no good…just sorry stand-ins. Pretenders to perfection.

Every night in the pantry, he fed his dark side.

Be thankful.

22 Jul

“It’s making me crazy”,  said Marta. “I’m cooking dinner…he’s smiling at me, I’m in the laundry…he’s smiling, I’m feeding the baby…smiling again”.

“Maybe he’s happy”.

“What’s he got to be happy about? Nobody smiles like that unless they’re getting something”.

One at a time.

19 Jul

She liked to catch leaves before they could reach the ground, and make a wish on each one. When the wind blew stronger from the South, there were more falling leaves than she could save.

She cried, “I wish they would fall more gently and give me a chance to rescue them all!”.

The wind died down, and she was able to reach each leaf until the the branches were bare.


Stop the self-talk.

16 Jul

There she was again.

If he pulled up would she freak and run? Maybe she’d smile…even stop and chat for a bit. What does it take before a chick knows you’ve made it big time? The car?…the cashmere?…the Rolex? Maybe never; she was always up herself at school.

“Stuck up bitch”, whispered Amal as the light turned green.

Praise the saints among us.

15 Jul

Sometimes at night, between three and four she called out. The city was dark and mostly silent…empty. “OY!” she’d yell, “GOTHAM CITY”, and “I KNOW WHERE THE ANGELS ARE”.

There were halos around the lights, and someone sang a song for her nearby. God bless, God bless us all.

Wear waterproof mascara.

14 Jul

Sonia headed for the ladies’ loo after the first round of speeches. Entree dishes were being cleared, as more like-minded women pushed back their chairs and grabbed their sequinned clutch purses. She led the pack.

She saw a familiar look in the mirror…always there after a few champagnes. A blank, fixed stare saying, “What am I doing here?”. 

It was hard to break the spell, but if she didn’t blink soon her mascara would run.

Eat local.

11 Jul

He liked Pho for lunch. Every day for three months he walked the two blocks from his practice and ordered the same thing. He always ordered Pho…but every time, every time he imagined saying, ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’. He didn’t say it because he knew he would have to explain Fee Fi Fo Fum to Danh while people waited behind him. Nah.

On his last day in Saigon he gave Danh the last of his local coins, “I’ve enjoyed your Pho very much, thank you”.

“Yes, yes…FEE FI FO FUM, hahahahahaha! Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman”.

Learn how to wait.

9 Jul

She learned a few things at that school…but mainly she learned  how to wait. Wait to get out, wait to go to art school, wait to wear what she wanted. She learned if something was worth waiting for she could wait. She also learned not to tell anyone what she was waiting for.

After that she learned how to work. Work and wait.

Look the other way.

6 Jul

The party was loud. He poured himself a beer and walked outside. The voice came from somewhere right behind him, and he paused with his glass at his lips.

“Go ahead, look at me” she whispered, “I won’t bite”.

He could smell her fragrance….green and faintly grassy. The leaves rustled as she moved closer. Quicker than he could turn, a tongue ran up his neck and flicked lightly along his ear.


Avoid moderation.

4 Jul

The most surprising thing about the custard was the way it felt between her toes. She liked the warm silkiness of it, and the soft,  burping sounds it made when she moved. After an hour she climbed out and took a shower.

He took her locker key. “Are you ready to try it without the robe?”

“I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready”.