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Hang with your peeps.

22 Nov


Drink responsibly.

20 Nov


Eat fruit.

14 Nov

Get busy.

12 Nov

“We are like sisters here. We care for our own”, and she looked at her for a long while. Well, this sister never blinks, Pearl thought.

So many sisters and no brothers.

From what she could, see none of the girls in the house did much. Such a big, fine house too. There were others to do for them. Folks to clean, folks to launder, folks doing the cooking, even some folks for the mending.

What was a soul expected to do with herself all day…play rummy?


Run a test first.

10 Nov

This can’t be happening. It was supposed to make his hair grow thicker…more ‘luxuriant’. For Christ’s sake even his eyebrows had shot through.

Being a thinning ginger was bad enough but this, this topped it.

He’d have to make new plans for his evening. Ring the girlfriend first to suss out whether she could deal with a surprise.

Tell her the surprise.

Deal with the fallout, literally.



Take your time.

8 Nov


Be a girl.

7 Nov


Get out while you can.

6 Nov

Aim high.

4 Nov

Everything suddenly seemed way too vivid. The colour of the roses, their rising perfume, the sound of her gate where he leaned, frozen.

Poor, lonely, handsome Edgar Thompson couldn’t take one step toward her front door, but neither could he step back to the sidewalk. All he could do was stay where he was…gawping at Alice’s house like it had landed from the moon.

“Are you just going to stand there, or come in for some iced tea?” She was there in front of him as perfect as this day and everything was wonderful,  just wonderful.

Blessed are the surgeons.

3 Nov

He’d seen X-rays like this one in the ICU before…but knowing who this guy was, knowing what he’d just done made Sami take an extra breath.

When would it end? He looked down at this man on the operating table with the cuffs still dangling from his wrist. The anger and ignorance in this wretched soul filled the room.

“You OK?” Pete’s brows were up.


Open him, clean him up and close him. Good as new and ready for another shot at martyrdom.

Meanwhile they called Sami’s children terrorists at school and he couldn’t leave his sports bag on a bench while he took a leak. It was just so damned sad and so fucking pointless.