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Come back soon.

17 Oct


Go organic.

14 Oct


Check out the exits.

12 Oct


Eat local.

11 Oct



7 Oct


Get tech support.

6 Oct

Look after yourself.

2 Oct

“Whadya gonna do?” he shrugged, “Sit at home lonely? Naah”.

Romeo was an optimist. Getting outta da house…goin’ for a workout and a steam bath…maybe even a manicure was his routine. It took a lotta work to look this good.

“Romeo by name and Romeo by nature”, he told he ladies.

Get into the rhythm.

1 Oct

Akua’s fat hands were sticky from a mango on Labadi beach, but she knew her mum would stop to wash her when the last one was sold. She also knew that then her mum would walk to Burma Camp for her cleaning job, before going home. 

Akua knew everything she needed to know, and was certain about most things. 


Think of nothing.

30 Sep

Don’t close that door.

28 Sep

That was what it took to break her heart. That one little boy, after all these years.

Why him? Was it his his small, sweaty hand with its tight grip? His unwavering stare? The way he sought her during recess, sitting under the peppercorn trees. He would climb onto her without thought, and rest his head against her shoulder.

She’d never felt a moment’s regret in those many years, but now when she smelled the warm life in his hair, she wept.