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18 Aug

He looked at her as she had longed to be looked upon.

Take me” her heart sang, “drink me in deep draughts.

No breath, no movement between them, other than a shift somewhere inside her.

“Always.” His ancient fragrance whispered of cloves and dust.

Now tilting his head ever so slightly… first to one side then the other. Warmth suffused her and she closed her eyes.



Push the envelope.

17 Aug

Know when to let go.

16 Aug

“Let GO!” she whispered, even as she gripped harder. The window sill cut into her arms. Heat tore at her back.

YOU let go” Mary’s hands clamped vice-like, “Come with me”.

Her hair started to smoke and her hands began to sweat.

Go to the Espy.

15 Aug

The Espy was here, the music was here, he was here….but SHIT it felt different. Jesus. Where was Ross? Neil? The chick behind the bar he liked? The punter next to him smelled like soap, for fuck’s sake.

The band wasn’t too bad though. Everyone around him was taller…no joke, so he couldn’t see as well as he used to. Christ maybe he was shrinking. Ha ha.

Boom! There was Neil after all. Pissed as a fart as usual.

OY, GAZ mate“, slap hands. Neil smelled like roll-yer-owns, bless him.

“Didn’t know you was out. Wanna go for a smoke?”

“Yeahmate”, Gaz led the way out. The carpet was still sticky under his boots. All good.


Get comfy.

13 Aug


Speak out.

12 Aug

Empty your hard drive.

8 Aug

What was it…no, that wasn’t it. Damn. That Chopin piece she learned by heart when she was seven? It must be the wine. Shit.

“Just relax and it will come. It’s called muscle memory”. He sat down beside her, pushing her along.

“You expect me to remember what I did fifty years ago when I don’t even know where I parked my car?”

“Go on. Hum the tune and let your hands follow.” Then all at once she was playing, and she closed her eyes but didn’t stop.

Move on.

5 Aug

They listened to the same music, wore the same tattoos, shared the same dreams. Kira knew she could read Kelvin’s mind, and he believed he could read hers.

He couldn’t, though, or he would have known she was bored out of her mind.

Get yourself a smart friend.

3 Aug

Time slowed….then stopped. No breath, no flicker of movement.

Here was his nemesis, close enough to touch. There was no emotion in Simmo’s eyes, but Nick couldn’t look away.

“Read through your entire paper before you begin” said the supervisor, “there will be no social interaction during the English exam. If you have a question direct it to me”. She leaned against the desk at the front of the room and eyed her phone, “Time starts…now people”.

Would Simmo beat him again? He turned to his paper and the clock resumed ticking. Best mates and dual-duxes forever.

Get a baby monitor.

1 Aug

It was her worst nightmare. The initial mind-numbing sight of Bertie’s empty cot, followed by the horror of seeing of him near the ceiling.

Flapping her hands, hopping up and down making anxious sounds, Fleur remained firmly earth-bound while Bertie bobbed in the cornices.

“Gwaap” said Bertie smiling down, “Poot?”

A string of drool fell from his lower lip to her straining hands. It was cool by the time it touched her fingers.