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Rest, Iggy Pop.

22 Aug

Iggy was weary, so very weary.

Know when to let go.

16 Aug

“Let GO!” she whispered, even as she gripped harder. The window sill cut into her arms. Heat tore at her back.

YOU let go” Mary’s hands clamped vice-like, “Come with me”.

Her hair started to smoke and her hands began to sweat.

Go to the Espy.

15 Aug

The Espy was here, the music was here, he was here….but SHIT it felt different. Jesus. Where was Ross? Neil? The chick behind the bar he liked? The punter next to him smelled like soap, for fuck’s sake.

The band wasn’t too bad though. Everyone around him was taller…no joke, so he couldn’t see as well as he used to. Christ maybe he was shrinking. Ha ha.

Boom! There was Neil after all. Pissed as a fart as usual.

OY, GAZ mate“, slap hands. Neil smelled like roll-yer-owns, bless him.

“Didn’t know you was out. Wanna go for a smoke?”

“Yeahmate”, Gaz led the way out. The carpet was still sticky under his boots. All good.


14 Aug

Lunette very much enjoyed watching people…always at a small table in the corner, preferably with a mirror to avoid craning her neck. A glass of Pinot Noir, some tender green olives and she was content.

Should someone ask to join her, or a waiter ask if she cared to order, her answer was always the same.

“Non, merci”  she would shake her head, “I wait for a friend”.

That was true. Lunette was waiting for a friend, one who would sit as happily as she did, watching.

She had yet to see another watcher. Somewhere out there, perhaps he was was waiting too.


Speak out.

12 Aug

Change direction.

11 Aug

The rink music on open nights was a mix of 70’s hits, and she knew them all. People moved aside as she approached. Everyone knew her. No-one spoke to her.

Skating backwards pleased Rhonda…looking to where she’d just been, not where she was going. Around and round, leading with her ass, occasionally glancing briefly over her shoulder.

She failed her grade in Compulsory figures. “You have three months to nail your figure eights before the Championships” coach Miller warned, “or you’re out”.

Like Rhonda gave a crap. She would follow her perfect bottom into the new decade and beyond.

Keep your mouth shut.

8 Aug

The women shrieking at his double entendres agreed Bobby was quite a dish. His show in the cabaret grew more crowded as  word on board spread. With a flicker of a smile, a knowing nod or a tilted brow, he had them all eating out of his hand.

I would say he had the crowd wrapped around his finger, but that position was held by the one and only Betty Bump.




6 Aug

Fall mad in love.

26 Jul

“There’s somethin’ crazy about you”, said Thomas.

“Boo!…BOO BOOO!!!” the hair whipped her face pink, “I’m a wee GHOSTIE is why”.

“Will ye stand still for a minute and let me get an eyeful o’ ye?”, he cried but no…

she was off and leaping like a madwoman.


Go to the park.

25 Jul

The kids had no clue she still smoked. She took her last puff waiting for them to turn the corner from the bus, and had time to hide the evidence before they walked in. She’d chuck the butt in the bushes and suck a Tic Tac while she made afternoon tea.

“We had the Health Bus today”, said Callun.

“The preppies have got baby chicks in their room” remarked Ava, “They’re all colours”.

“That’s nice. Why don’t you and your brother take this and go down to the 7 eleven. We’ve run out of cordial”.

She watched them till they were out of sight, and then lit up a smoke. She loved her day alone at home.