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18 Aug

He looked at her as she had longed to be looked upon.

Take me” her heart sang, “drink me in deep draughts.

No breath, no movement between them, other than a shift somewhere inside her.

“Always.” His ancient fragrance whispered of cloves and dust.

Now tilting his head ever so slightly… first to one side then the other. Warmth suffused her and she closed her eyes.


Know what you want.

10 Aug

The drone rose suddenly, gleaming, and stopped as if hitting an invisible wall. Will held his breath and it moved quickly again, sideways toward the boundary line.

He was struck dumb. His heart beat in his chest and pulsed in his ears. His mouth hung open and a noise came from his mouth like a lover’s sigh.

For the first time in his life, Will wanted something he didn’t already have.

Come up for air.

4 Aug

He liked to pretend he was dead. In the deep end, he’d blow the air out of his lungs and sink slowly to the bottom. His toes would touch first, then his knees, and finally his hands. He never sank any further but remained poised, as if ready to spring.

As if springing into the abyss.

So far nobody had seen him do this,  at least no-one had tried to save him. Perhaps they had seen, but had chosen to look away. He saved himself, pushing upwards to break the surface with a rush of intake, the second, third and fourth breaths bringing him to a state close to happiness. Uplifting, literally.

It was a shame he couldn’t share his trick with the family.

Get a baby monitor.

1 Aug

It was her worst nightmare. The initial mind-numbing sight of Bertie’s empty cot, followed by the horror of seeing of him near the ceiling.

Flapping her hands, hopping up and down making anxious sounds, Fleur remained firmly earth-bound while Bertie bobbed in the cornices.

“Gwaap” said Bertie smiling down, “Poot?”

A string of drool fell from his lower lip to her straining hands. It was cool by the time it touched her fingers.

Give them permission to leave.

31 Jul

“How am ever going to get over you?” she sighed, “You’re here again…you’re always here. I’m trying to learn to be alone”.

“I don’t know why I stay” he said, “Maybe you bring me to you”.

“Yes, perhaps I do”.

Dreams fade.

30 Jul

He slept well but woke with a nagging thought. What was it he should remember?…then he knew.

The dream was still there, but what was the dream? Why could he not see it?

NO, come back!” He gripped it, squeezing for any last drop. He saw it fade before his eyes until it sagged limp in his hands. It was too late.

Write it down now.

29 Jul

As he slid into sleep he was visited by fantastic notions and breathtaking scenes. They pricked, beat and pinched him to take notice, while he was slipping away.

“PAY ATTENTION” they shouted in his ear, “Don’t sleep now, we have so much to show you”.

But he chose to sleep. “Leave me in peace. We will share dreams in the morning”, he muttered.

Now his notepad lay empty beside him…but he was far away.

Be thankful.

22 Jul

“It’s making me crazy”,  said Marta. “I’m cooking dinner…he’s smiling at me, I’m in the laundry…he’s smiling, I’m feeding the baby…smiling again”.

“Maybe he’s happy”.

“What’s he got to be happy about? Nobody smiles like that unless they’re getting something”.

One at a time.

19 Jul

She liked to catch leaves before they could reach the ground, and make a wish on each one. When the wind blew stronger from the South, there were more falling leaves than she could save.

She cried, “I wish they would fall more gently and give me a chance to rescue them all!”.

The wind died down, and she was able to reach each leaf until the the branches were bare.


Keep trying.

17 Jul

Getting rear lift was no trouble at all, but front and rear at the same time was hard. She knew she had all night, but the moon was high and she still wasn’t off the ground. Sometimes she thought she was juuuuuust about there….but no, she was on the grass again.

So far, she was a Faerie Failure.