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Lighten up.

28 Jul

There” she said, “that looks perfect with your minimal colour palette”. She tilted her head to one side, narrowing her eyes. “Actually…you know I think you could go a shade lighter”.

Emma bent double to reach the Dior sample under the counter. “Try this”, she straightened up, “Scarlet is so on-trend”.

Why didn’t these people wear colour, she wondered. There’s so much black here you’d swear someone had died.

Write it down now.

27 Jul

As he slid into sleep he was visited by fantastic notions and breathtaking tales. They pricked, beat and pinched him to take notice, while he was slipping away.

PAY ATTENTION” they shouted in his ear, “Don’t sleep now, we have so much to tell you”.

But he chose to sleep. “Leave me in peace. We will share dreams in the morning”, he muttered.

His notepad lay empty beside him now…and he was far away.

Fall mad in love.

26 Jul

“There’s somethin’ crazy about you”, said Thomas.

“Boo!…BOO BOOO!!!” the hair whipped her face pink, “I’m a wee GHOSTIE is why”.

“Will ye stand still for a minute and let me get an eyeful o’ ye?”, he cried but no…

she was off and leaping like a madwoman.


Go to the park.

25 Jul

The kids had no clue she still smoked. She took her last puff waiting for them to turn the corner from the bus, and had time to hide the evidence before they walked in. She’d chuck the butt in the bushes and suck a Tic Tac while she made afternoon tea.

“We had the Health Bus today”, said Callun.

“The preppies have got baby chicks in their room” remarked Ava, “They’re all colours”.

“That’s nice. Why don’t you and your brother take this and go down to the 7 eleven. We’ve run out of cordial”.

She watched them till they were out of sight, and then lit up a smoke. She loved her day alone at home.


Eat the green jelly.

23 Jul

The stain on his tongue was a dead giveaway but he didn’t care. Green jelly crystals, straight out of the packet and as dry as a nun’s nasty. He couldn’t get enough of them.

They glowed fluorescent and irresistible. Raspberry, lemon, and orange were no good…just sorry stand-ins. Pretenders to perfection.

Every night in the pantry, he fed his dark side.

Stop the self-talk.

16 Jul

There she was again.

If he pulled up would she freak and run? Maybe she’d smile…even stop and chat for a bit. What does it take before a chick knows you’ve made it big time? The car?…the cashmere?…the Rolex? Maybe never; she was always up herself at school.

“Stuck up bitch”, whispered Amal as the light turned green.

Wear earplugs.

13 Jul

Some time between midnight and dawn, a thousand cicadas settled on her bed. The din was sharp-edged, unharmonious. By mid-morning it had taken on a form…a shape you could almost see. She tried talking to it.

“What are you?”, she asked, “Can we please talk about this?”.


She began to dance.

Keep an eye on them.

7 Jul

It was tough turning the snags and keeping an eye out for Sandra. He wasn’t sure what she’d gotten up to but it couldn’t be good. Sandra was always a moll when friends were over…dressed like a moll, acted like a moll, pissed as a moll, the whole bloody caper. In a minute he’d go looking for her. Ethan walked up.

“You need a hand with with those? Sandy’s in the pool starkers”. “Nah” he said, “She’ll keep”.

Now, at least he knew where she was.


Hit the piste.

2 Jul



1 Jul