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Be amazed.

16 Feb


Hug your friends

14 Feb


Make friends.

12 Feb

Never underestimate the element of surprise.

31 Jan

Still more monsters.

Go Incognito.

29 Jan

“My head’s too big”.


“Gimme yours”.

“No WAY. Get yer own bag”.

“QUICK QUICK QUICK they’re coming. They’ll see me…GIMME!

“Too late. Josh, go to your home room now”.

Make friends at work.

28 Jan

“Get me a coffee will you? It’s been a hell of a day”.

“Why don’t you grab some shut-eye before the meeting? I can wake you in time”.

“I think I will”.

“I’ll shut the door, if you need anything I’ll be at my desk”.

“Thanks, sweetheart”.

Be patient.

27 Jan

The canary would not sing. For a week she watched it, gave it water, fed it and sang to it. Nothing.

Fred thought she should to put the cage out on the porch. “That bird needs to hear other birds”, he said. “It probably doesn’t even know it’s a canary”.

On the eighth day the canary made a noise. I sounded a bit like air escaping from an inner tube, but it made her happy. Fred was at work when it happened.

“My canary can sing”, she said when Fred arrived home.

“Well glory be” he smiled, “only for you”.


Let it out.

26 Jan

She would remember this day forever. After years of keeping it closed, she opened her mouth and let out her heart.

She was afraid it would never return, but it did, and brought others with it.

Play team sport.

25 Jan

Coach Billings could make more noise than most industrial machinery. No-one wanted to be out front when he went on a rant. This resulted in a kind of rotational flow…like the tide, as all the guys up front moved around again. It was all very slow, but very predictable.

Of course, if he locked eyes on you it was all over. You stayed right where you were.


Strive for perfection.

24 Jan

Marta would not tolerate insubordination in her class. She was the most fierce among the instructors…strength and discipline were keystones of her teaching.

Adolphus hated Marta and her red whistle. For the rest of his life, the whiff of chlorine made him queasy.