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Find a mentor.

20 Jul


Put on your undies before your shoes.

17 Jul


Get wet.

16 Jul


Wear a white shirt.

14 Jul


Beware of small women.

13 Jul

Spread magic.

12 Jul



Everyone felt better when Wonk was near. Her magic stuck to them. They found specks of it when they emptied their pockets, or cleaned the filter on the clothes dryer.

The wise ones put the leftover magic in a matchbox, to save it for a rainy day. They’d shake a little out, the clouds would clear and the sun would shine again.


Be resolute.

9 Jul


She wasn’t angry precisely, just tired of being nice all day. She would never, EVER get married…ever.

“Can’t you smile a little? For your big brother?”


“But the photographer wants a family picture. All of us.”

I’m never getting married, she said in her head. They can all go jump.


Put down the dust rag.

6 Jul


Get yourself a wing man.

4 Jul


Give it a nudge.

3 Jul