Keep your mouth shut.

8 Aug

The women shrieking at his double entendres agreed Bobby was quite a dish. His show in the cabaret grew more crowded as  word on board spread. With a flicker of a smile, a knowing nod or a tilted brow, he had them all eating out of his hand.

I would say he had the crowd wrapped around his finger, but that position was held by the one and only Betty Bump.


Praise your sons.

7 Aug

“Come here” Kwame smiled, “I want to thank you. Without you we might have lost Nana Baa”, and he kissed Addo.

Addo said nothing.

He was fighting the urge to cry, or laugh…he wasn’t sure. He would shame himself either way. It was hard to stand so close to his father and not move away. How long had it been since his father held him, looked at him this way? He was overwhelmed with shyness, filled with confusion.

He’d tried so many times to prove to his father that he was worthy, and now to discover such a simple act proved he was a man!

Addo could smell his Father’s hair pomade, and he was four years old again.





6 Aug

Move on.

5 Aug

They listened to the same music, wore the same tattoos, shared the same dreams. Kira knew she could read Kelvin’s mind, and he believed he could read hers.

He couldn’t, though, or he would have known she was bored out of her mind.

Come up for air.

4 Aug

He liked to pretend he was dead. In the deep end, he’d blow the air out of his lungs and sink slowly to the bottom. His toes would touch first, then his knees, and finally his hands. He never sank any further but remained poised, as if ready to spring.

As if springing into the abyss.

So far nobody had seen him do this,  at least no-one had tried to save him. Perhaps they had seen, but had chosen to look away. He saved himself, pushing upwards to break the surface with a rush of intake, the second, third and fourth breaths bringing him to a state close to happiness. Uplifting, literally.

It was a shame he couldn’t share his trick with the family.

Get yourself a smart friend.

3 Aug

Time slowed….then stopped. No breath, no flicker of movement.

Here was his nemesis, close enough to touch. There was no emotion in Simmo’s eyes, but Nick couldn’t look away.

“Read through your entire paper before you begin” said the supervisor, “there will be no social interaction during the English exam. If you have a question direct it to me”. She leaned against the desk at the front of the room and eyed her phone, “Time starts…now people”.

Would Simmo beat him again? He turned to his paper and the clock resumed ticking. Best mates and dual-duxes forever.

Kill only what you eat.

2 Aug

It was a huge day for everyone. Being the youngest, she had to crawl under scrub to pull out a couple of the dead birds. The the red clay dust clogged her nose and coloured her skin.

The river bed was dry, but Wallace said he could smell the rains coming. They’d have to shift camp to higher ground before dark. This news was received stoically by the men, but not by Violet.

“I badly need a wash and a stiff gin before dinner” she said, “I’m drawing flies”.

Get a baby monitor.

1 Aug

It was her worst nightmare. The initial mind-numbing sight of Bertie’s empty cot, followed by the horror of seeing of him near the ceiling.

Flapping her hands, hopping up and down making anxious sounds, Fleur remained firmly earth-bound while Bertie bobbed in the cornices.

“Gwaap” said Bertie smiling down, “Poot?”

A string of drool fell from his lower lip to her straining hands. It was cool by the time it touched her fingers.

Give them permission to leave.

31 Jul

“How am ever going to get over you?” she sighed, “You’re here again…you’re always here. I’m trying to learn to be alone”.

“I don’t know why I stay” he said, “Maybe you bring me to you”.

“Yes, perhaps I do”.

Dreams fade.

30 Jul

He slept well but woke with a nagging thought. What was it he should remember?…then he knew.

The dream was still there, but what was the dream? Why could he not see it?

NO, come back!” He gripped it, squeezing for any last drop. He saw it fade before his eyes until it sagged limp in his hands. It was too late.