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Go somewhere.

9 Aug


Stay in touch.

19 Jul

Change the locks.

25 Aug

She loved the pool terrace when it was like this, cool and fragrant in the evening. She lit a cigarette and closed her eyes.

“Hello Sylvia.”

Spinning, she saw him standing barely an arm’s length away.

“But you…you can’t possibly be here!”

“Clearly I can, darling, be sensible” he smiled, “Do I look like a dead man?”.

He bent down, and stubbed the cigarette that had fallen from her hand. She smelled his cologne, and a memory washed through her.  A memory of such fear, and pure panic, and violence, that she was made clumsy with shaking.

Then he stood up to face her…so close…

“No need to be afraid”, he kissed her lightly, “I’m here now to look after you.”



Seek adventure.

16 Feb

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Hold on.

11 Feb

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There’s no such thing as a free drink.

30 Jan

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Be prepared.

2 Dec

Reach out.

24 Nov

I believe that people are essentially kind.

Take the long view.

22 Nov

When times are tough, remember there is one thing you can count on…and that is change.

Everything changes. Wait long enough and things will get better.


Do it your way.

21 Nov