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Try something new.

28 Sep


Evil lurks below.

9 Sep

Take a step back.

20 Jul

Damn…he’d done it again.

He tried giving the problem his whole attention, going over it again and again until he was dizzy. His situation was getting worse, if anything. He felt immobilised, frozen.

Where did he go wrong?¬†How did he get here? If he could go back and start again…what would he do differently?


Be in the moment.

18 Mar


Facetime isn’t all bad.

28 Feb



Frock up.

10 Nov

BLOG 54 copy

Keep your cool.

18 Jan

Woofgang looks like he’s jumping into jello, not water. I think I’ll add his walking cane, and maybe a rabbit behind the tree.WOOFGANG 15th spread copy

Empty your plate.

12 Jan

More Woofgang and Clara. I’ll finish this tomorrow.WOOFGANG 19th spread  copy

Catch an idea before it gets away.

2 Jan

I think I have an idea for a book. Unfinished, but taking shape.WOOFGANG 3rd spread copy


Dress for success.

1 Jan

img145 copy