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Stay cool.

18 Sep

Sonia’s mum never missed a comp. She was always there in the same hot-pink coat. Usually she was hand-stitching the trim on a new costume, or repairing an old one. When Sonia was announced over the loudspeaker, her mum put the sewing down and paid attention.

Later in the car, she would set the air-conditioning on CHILL, and tilt the vent to her face. Winter or summer…she’d do the same thing.

It took Sonia nearly forty years to figure out why. You’d think she’d be quicker, seeing show good she was at figuring.

Change direction.

11 Aug

The rink music on open nights was a mix of 70’s hits, and she knew them all. People moved aside as she approached. Everyone knew her. No-one spoke to her.

Skating backwards pleased Rhonda…looking to where she’d just been, not where she was going. Around and round, leading with her ass, occasionally glancing briefly over her shoulder.

She failed her grade in Compulsory figures. “You have three months to nail your figure eights before the Championships” coach Miller warned, “or you’re out”.

Like Rhonda gave a crap. She would follow her perfect bottom into the new decade and beyond.