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Aim high.

4 Nov

Everything suddenly seemed way too vivid. The colour of the roses, their rising perfume, the sound of her gate where he leaned, frozen.

Poor, lonely, handsome Edgar Thompson couldn’t take one step toward her front door, but neither could he step back to the sidewalk. All he could do was stay where he was…gawping at Alice’s house like it had landed from the moon.

“Are you just going to stand there, or come in for some iced tea?” She was there in front of him as perfect as this day and everything was wonderful, ┬ájust wonderful.


Speak out.

12 Aug

Trust yourself.

24 Jul

The blood-red Suit of Certainty was everything she’d hoped for. It hugged her tightly, was impervious to all weather and was visible from 500 metres. She took longer strides when she was wearing it, and she could hold her chin up to meet anyone’s gaze.


People and dogs heard her coming and stared as she strode past. Screeetch-it…screeech-it…screeetch-it…said the red vinyl to the timid and the unsure.


Stand out from the crowd.

1 Feb

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Be kind.

10 May

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