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Art is dangerous.

23 Nov

Take a holiday.

14 Nov

I have overseas visitors , so am busy tour-guiding. In the meantime, please enjoy a few vintage Curtis cartoons until I have time to draw a new one.

Work for yourself.

12 Nov



Be patient.

4 Nov

Life is one big deadline.

25 Oct

They are the waves, and I am the surfer.

You can’t out-talk the Irish.

27 Sep

Another good thing about the Irish is that they can take a joke.

Maintain your work-life balance.

24 Sep

Kids invent useful words.

28 Jul

Everyone should know how to use a chainsaw.

27 Jul

Besides being really good fun, owning a basic set of power tools and being able to handle them is essential to being a grown-up. Did I mention it’s really good  fun?

Think creatively…nothing will ever be boring again.

26 Jul