Give a bonus.

20 Jan

Benny celebrated from five until six fifteen. Betty from accounts, Marvin from marketing and two girls from the typing pool stayed back to celebrate.

“Kiddo, you gotta get home before she changes the locks“, Marvin bellowed. He looked over-excited and sweaty.

“Aww…you go to hell”. Benny emptied his glass and put on his hat.

He waited at the elevator for a while before remembering to push the button, then stumbled back a little.

Whooooah there cowboy”, Marvin was right behind him “Keep your seat in that saddle “. He put his arm around Benny’s shoulder, squeezed it, and kept it there.


Check the attic.

19 Jan

SSSHHHHHHhhhhhhhh….the trap door always made the sound when moved. He paused at the top of the ladder and narrowed his eyes.

Let it go.

18 Jan

Early in her marriage she learned some magic.

When she let go of suspicion, real happiness expanded into all aspects of her life .

No question…trusting made everything better.


If you build them, he will come.

17 Jan

Put on your seatbelt.

16 Jan

There they were, easy to miss… but she knew what she was looking for.

This was the third case of childhood wing-buds she’d seen this month. Tiny as your thumb, tucked up near the scapula like a couple of robin’s eggs. Should she tell Doctor? He hadn’t made any note of them, and had already moved to another patient on his rounds.

The little girl was alert and thriving. The hospital and the world outside had no idea what was coming. It would be up to Joanne to watch, and wait to see how things developed. It made her nervous and excited at the same time.

Praise the Lord and Hallelujah!


Grow up.

15 Jan

“Your father would be proud of you standing up for your sister today”.

To be honest, Baldassarre Casigliana was proud of himself. He could hardly tear himself from the mirror. Such a man!

“Do I have to make a speech? Would Papa?”

“If  he was here you wouldn’t be giving your sister away”.


14 Jan

My beautiful Mary…where are you tonight? I’m wasting precious time I could be spending with you.

Please wait for me…only two more years to go. That’s fourteen in dog years.


Make new friends.

13 Jan

Don’t be afraid.

12 Jan

Whoah…what was that?

It sighed again.

The upstairs landing always made that weary noise under his feet.

“Who’s there?” Nothing.


Of course it was him. He loved watching her get ready. Her hair-teasing, her lashes, her makeup…it captivated him. She’d get ready and he’d take her to Martino’s. On his last leave he bought her these earrings.

She wasn’t afraid. Anything was better than the lack of him.


Take your pick.

11 Jan