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Move forward, look back.

15 Dec

Milos thought the stars seemed brighter at Christmas, and alhough there was no snow on the ground, there was a clarity in the way the lamps lit the walk to Regent’s Park.

“Don’t worry, this will feel like home soon”. Gabor sounded like he meant it.

But would it? His memories were so fresh it was hard to believe this was not Budapest.

Nineteen fifty seven! Say it Milos…NINETEEN FIFTY SEVEN. A great time for a young man to begin his life of freedom!”.



Behave yourself.

14 Dec


Have faith.

13 Dec

Fly away.

12 Dec

A canary. Freda had fallen in love with a small, yellow bird. So much in love she could not bear to put it into a cage.

Instead, it flew freely throughout the vast hacienda, leaving tiny squirts of liquid shit wherever it chose. Diego was incensed.

“I give you my solemn word…lock it up or I will kill it”. He squeezed a linseed rag as if to prove so.

That night the canary flew past the shutters and out into the purple sky, making a fool of the fat man.


Go for the dark meat.

11 Dec


10 Dec

Everywhere he turned there was another, more lovely than the last. Their skin, their hair, their voices melted together like warm syrup on his tongue. He head spun.

“Go! Leave me be! I need time to consider”.

And suddenly they were gone. He was alone, his hair grey, the taste of old age dry as dust on his lips.

Trust your man.

9 Dec

“Don’t be afraid” Tim’s eyes were blue, unblinking.

“I can’t see the bottom” she said, ” and you’re slippery”.

“Ha! Well that’s not fair”.

There was no sound but for the cicadas near the dam. They pulsed like the fear in her. Growing…swelling. She concentrated on breathing in…and now out.

She could feel the heat of his grip even in the cool water.


Small presents are easier to wrap.

8 Dec


Find a good strapless bra.

7 Dec


Make an effort.

6 Dec