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Know when to go home.

13 Oct


Use moisturiser.

8 Oct



7 Oct


Get tech support.

6 Oct

Trust your gut.

23 Sep

On the flight home there was something bothering him. Something not quite right about the whole thing…he just couldn’t put his finger on it. Nice wedding, nice girl – fine family….just….Christ what was it?

Unlikely that Bryan would be re-deployed before Christmas, and by then the war would be over.

Dear Lord, keep him Stateside until then.

Take a deep breath.

22 Sep

He’s not worth it. Looking westward from the bluff, the thought hit her with such force she came to a complete standstill. Marius needed no excuse to put his head down.

Where did this sudden clarity come from? Where was it last week when she covered for him at work?…or last month when she lied to her parents about being too busy for Easter? She breathed a long sweet breath in, and then let it go. He left her with that breath, and it was as if he’d never been there.



Try a cocktail.

19 Sep

Hold your breath.

15 Sep

She never gave up. When her head slipped below the surface, she reached…and  a strong hand gripped her wrist.

When waiting for salvation, try to remain calm.

Stay home.

14 Sep

The hotel was lovely, but there was still something about the ceiling height that made her uneasy. Even in the luxury suite she felt the lowness of them. The ever-so-slight money saving, space cramping meanness of them.

If she sat very still, and focused very hard she could see her house. Her home with its comfortable sofas, windows that opened to the jasmine outside, and generous, lofty ceilings.


Eat lunch.

12 Sep

How would he tell the head of orchestra? Leaving the school tuba on the tram was pretty easy really, as easy as leaving his laptop.

Yesterday he’d left late, he was hungry and just wanted to get home to eat. He didn’t even notice the tuba was gone until this morning before school. Probably not a good idea to mention his blazer was gone too. It may still turn up and there was no point in stressing mum.