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Go Incognito.

29 Jan

“My head’s too big”.


“Gimme yours”.

“No WAY. Get yer own bag”.

“QUICK QUICK QUICK they’re coming. They’ll see me…GIMME!

“Too late. Josh, go to your home room now”.

Give a kid a job.

22 Jan

“Kate, you may put the oranges in the bucket”. Grama left for the kitchen.

“But I want to climb the LADDER”.

It was hot, and she was tired. Soon Grama would come back with cool drinks and warm sugar cookies to eat in the shade. The orange tree had a special perfume in this California heat, which mingled with the smell of the pine trees nearby. Grampa stood on the flat roof above with his legs set wide, wearing a large straw hat. His unlit pipe stayed between his teeth. He whistled occasionally, without dislodging the pipe.


Give a bonus.

20 Jan

Benny celebrated from five until six fifteen. Betty from accounts, Marvin from marketing and two girls from the typing pool stayed back to celebrate.

“Kiddo, you gotta get home¬†before she changes the locks“, Marvin bellowed. He looked over-excited and sweaty.

“Aww…you go to hell”. Benny emptied his glass and put on his hat.

He waited at the elevator for a while before remembering to push the button, then stumbled back a little.

Whooooah there cowboy”, Marvin was right behind him “Keep your seat in that saddle “. He put his arm around Benny’s shoulder, squeezed it, and kept it there.


Play the long game.

3 Jan

He grunted softy as he loosened the nails, then the floorboard lifted easily. The torch-beam trapped a column of dancing dust. No noise outside other than a car approaching, then driving past and away. It faded until all was quiet once more.

He took the tin box and held it one last time.

What distant version of this room, in this quiet town, would see it next? What person not yet born, would pry open this lid?

It gave him pleasure to know that someday, someone would know the truth.

Follow the money.

1 Jan

Panhandle towns like this didn’t mean much to Lance. Their names slipped his mind as soon as they passed from sight. Monticello, Crawfordville, Apalachicola, even Panama City…the same wet air hung everywhere.

You could tell Port Saint Joe twenty mile away by the smell. Boy that paper mill was powerful strong.

SIR…no stubbin’ stogies in the private cars”. The Porter held his stare, and returned it.

Saint Joe Paper sure smelled, but to Lance it smelled of money.


Set a reminder.

29 Dec

“Did you hear anything?”

Still no sound from inside,

“Try again”.

She stared at the door as if it would open through force of will. Neil put his thumb on the buzzer and pushed.

Alice looked at him. “We could be early. Do you have your phone?”

“The invitation was for midday…Andrew said ‘noon’. Lisa’s parents have to come from the airport”.



Make a list.

21 Dec


Get your own trapeze.

26 Nov


17 Nov

She’d never forget this movie. It was the first time Cathy had held hands for more than three seconds.


Eat fruit.

14 Nov